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About your order

Q. I placed an order, but I did not receive the order confirmation email.
A. We will send you a guidance email immediately after the order is accepted, but if you do not receive the email within 1 hour, the following may be the cause.

  1. The order has not been completed.
  2. The registered e-mail address is incorrect.
  3. It is sorted to the junk mail folder.
  4. The domain is specified in the junk mail settings, or it is not specified as the reception permitted domain.
  5. It is blocked as junk mail on the mail server side.
    Sorry to trouble you, but please log in before making an inquiry and check the order status from MY PAGE → order history.
    If your order is displayed and your e-mail address is correct, please check if it has been sorted to your junk e-mail folder.

Q. I want to confirm the order details
A. After completing the order procedure, we will send you an "order confirmation email", so please check there. You can also check the order details for each order number on MY PAGE → Order History.

Q. I want to cancel the ordered item
A. We do not accept order cancellations after your order has been confirmed.

About payment

Q. What are the payment methods?
A. Credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International, Discover) and bank transfer (Bank transfer is only available within Japan.)

Q. I want to change the payment method.
A. If you want to change it, please contact us from the following.

Q. Credit Card Payment Error.
A. Please make an inquiry to the credit card company.

About delivery

Q. Is gift wrapping possible?
A. We are sorry, but we do not accept a wrapping service.

Q. Is it possible to bundle multiple orders?
A. We are sorry, but multiple orders cannot be bundled as a single order.

About returns and exchanges

Q. I want to return it
A. If you wish to return the item, please contact "Inquiry" within 7 days after the item arrives.

Q. I want to change the size and color
A. We do not accept size / color exchange due to customer's convenience. Please return it and place an order again.

Q. I received a defective product
A. We will exchange it. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

About membership registration

Q. I forgot my ID and email address.
A. Please contact us from "Inquiries".

Q. I forgot my password.
A. Please reissue your password from here.

About points

Q. What is this point?
A. 500 points will be presented for new member.
2percent points will be added for each purchase amount.
PlusAlpha’s special novelty goods will be presented when the total is 5,000 points or more.
* It is not a point that can be used for discounts of purchase..
*The point program is currently under preparation.
Please be assured that the points you have already purchased are counted on the system.