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World of Urushi (lacquer)

There are colors that have been loved since ancient times and continue to evolve in Japan.

Currently, lacquer can express various shades other than vermilion and black.

The color of lacquer changes depending on the timing of application (temperature, humidity, etc.).
In addition, the color tone changes brightly with the passage of time after application.
Just as the colors are alive.

Therefore, it is not possible to create exactly the same color.
The color you get will be the color you can only see at that time.

"Now, let's wear your favorite color and go out"

Encounter of lacquer and the glass

"Lacquer" which color changes with time and "Glass" which hardly changes over time.
This "changing lacquer" and "non-changing glass" has met.

Until recently, lacquer could not be applied to glass.
However, the ever-evolving "lacquer" made it possible.

The individuality of the opposite materials gives you a drop of beauty that complements each other.

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