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SpaceGlass Minimarble

Product introduction

Space Glass Mini Marble

Space Glass Minimarble is a work that can be displayed and enjoyed as an object.

Compared to accessories such as pendants and bracelets, minimarble pieces are larger in size,
giving them a deeper sense of depth and a grander universe.
Space Glass is made of heat-resistant glass.
Heat-resistant glass is a hard, scratch-resistant material that does not deteriorate over time.
Therefore, it retains its beauty for a long time.
It is ideal for decorating your own desk or as a gift for a loved one.

Enjoy even more with optional products

Option products can be used to expand the range of enjoyment.
There is a wooden display stand made of Jindai zelkova,
which gives a sense of history,
and an original LED display stand that uses LEDs with high color rendering.
Enjoy decorating your own personal universe.

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